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  • Bulk Push is rapidly coming to the front as a leading push notification service provider.

    Bulk Push is rapidly coming to the front as a leading push notification service provider. It is one of the push notification service providers on the World Wide Web offering a great range of features mightily tacked together. The most interesting thing about the website is their cutting-edge software which is powerful enough to cater to the needs of sending push notifications like a dream. Those who have used the push notification services of the company have experienced the push notification company worthy of admiration as a result of the atypical features it showcases. Also, in case, you encounter some problems or issues while using any of the features, you are not going to run short of programmers to help you out and out readily and promptly.

    Offering a wide range of technical solutions, it will not come as a surprise to you to learn that there is a vast range of platforms and formats that Bulk Push is compatible with including iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, Mac etc.

    With a mass of push notification service providers online, the risk that you may have to replace your Push Notification Services any time all of a sudden in case their business dissolves into liquidation or in the doldrums is most probable.

    Bulk Push’s software, on the other hand, have relatively improved capabilities. It enables you to target either standard or rich text HTML push notifications. It also offers a “ceaseless” notification inbox, which is all the way very good. With that said, messages are visible no matter whether they are read or deleted.

    Bulk Push is having a dedicated team of customer support technicians who are at ease to respond to your technical questions all through the working hours. With that said, you can make sure that all your concerns and needs will be resolved in a timely and satisfactory fashion. We are having full-blown technicians with a good mastery of API, Customized data, Multi-login accounts and multi-interfaces. We also give you the word that you will receive your push notifications within the pre-set time, stipulated during subscription and which is included in our agreement. At Bulk Push, we offer indistinct pushes for all our customers using the all-inclusive accounts.

    If the standard service-level-agreement is not suited for your purpose, you may as well opt for the custom-level service agreement from our website. This custom service agreement is particularly meant for the Enterprise users. To start you off with our services, you may opt for our free account. Alternatively, you can opt for other pocket friendly packages from our website, including Premium, Gold and Platinum.