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  • How mobile push notification services are effective in actual
  • We at Bulk Push conducted a research to resolve how push notifications are effective to impinge on retention rate and app engagemen.

    Push notifications are one of the wondrously fast growing modes of mobile marketing that are largely used by all types and sizes of ecommerce companies to get engaged with the targeted users and promote their services and products very well. Mobile push notifications work on Smartphone exclusively. According to a recent study conducted by professionals, mobile push notifications are able to create up to three times more engagement with the applications. Admittedly, two key reasons for the same are as follows:

    It is quite common these days for the mass to carry their Smartphones on them all the time

    Push notifications are received on the appeal of the publisher; not the user. This prompts individuals to check their mobile devices when they receive one.

    Push Notifications augment the engagement and retention – Push notifications give rise to 26% higher mobile app open rates and 92% higher retention rates.

    We at Bulk Push conducted a research to resolve how push notifications are effective to impinge on retention rate and app engagement. They determined to compare the statistics of users who opted-in against those who did not for 6-month duration.

    Our follow-up research conducted again after 6 months for the users after they had downloaded the app led us to jump to the conclusion that more than 40% of users who received push notifications on their mobile devices were still using the app. On the other hand, the individual who did not opt in for receiving push notifications were only 20% and still using the app.

    Push notifications are better than email – According to a research made by us at Bulk Push, the open rates for push notifications range from 20% to 60%, while the interaction rates run as high as 40%. In similarity, the average open rate for email is 20%, and the standard click-through rate is merely 6%.

    This directs to the fact that, in general, push notifications are 2 times more effective than email campaigns.

    Push notifications lead to enhanced sales – 50% of the people that readily give their consent to receive push notifications do it with the view to gaining access to astonishing offers. In plain words, these individual cross their fingers to purchase from you.

    This signifies that you have maximum improved odds to convert if you use your analytics and segment your messages.