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  • What Is Local Push Notification Service?
  • Whenever there is any new information available with the app, local notifications immediately alert the user about it in the notification area and BulkPush is the best push notification service..

    Local push notification service by BulkPush is used to inform the users about the availability of new data for the business app. This service is quite effective even if the app is not functional in the foreground. For instance, a calendar app notifies the user of the upcoming appointment and an app for a message alert the user on the arrival of a new message. With the use of local notification service, the app arranges the local notification details and passes it on to the system. This system handles the notification delivery even when the app is not running in the background.

    Local Push Notifications: How They Work?

    Local push notifications give the user enough convenience and get them an easy reminder of any business related information. It is quite an effective strategy for businesses as they easily get user attention. Users can easily set them on their mobile phone by playing a sound or displaying an alert. Local notifications ask users to add a code to guide the handling and scheduling of notifications in your app. Local notifications are much simpler to handle than push notifications and are a good base for understanding app notifications.

    • Requesting Permission: Before providing local notification to the users it is important for the app to seek permission from the user. It does make a sense because there are users who do not want to receive notifications and they can create a lot of disturbance to them.
    • Sending Local Notifications: Local push notifications are quite effective for every business. They are an onscreen alert banner that updates the user about the brand. Any information that business wants their customers to know can be easily sent through local notifications.
    • Displaying Notification When The App Is Not In The Foreground: Local push notifications are displayed on the mobile screen even if the app is not in the foreground. This brings a lot of ease as there is no need of worrying any loss of information while the app is not in use.
    • Handling Notifications: Proper handling of notifications is also important. They are simple and handled without any difficulty.