• Push Notifications For Developer

Push Notifications For Developer

BulkPush is a service that caters not only to product owners and marketers, but also to developers. Read on to see what BulkPush can do for your push notification campaign.


Remote API

Push Notifications By Remote APIBy utilizing the benefits of our Remote API service, you can extend your capabilities, which will allow you to send direct API requests without having to enter your BulkPush control panel. You can also send notifications directly from any of your devices and even add additional various factors to your requests. By using the Remote API service, you can install the ability to send push notifications into your already-existing backend.



Push Notifications For Multi-PlatformBulkPush supports the most popular of all mobile platforms, such as iOS, Blackberry, and Android. We also support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and are working on Windows 10. In addition to these popular platforms we also support non-traditional platforms, such as Unity3d, Cordova SDK, Marmalade, PhoneGap and Adobe Air.


Customize Data

Customize Push NotificationsWhen sending a push notification, BulkPush allows you to customize the data that goes along with the notification. It will be processed by your application, performing various functions like displaying a certain screen, taking turns in a game, and much more.


Accounts with Multiple Users

Push Notifications For Multiple UsersIf there are others in your organization who are authorized to send push notifications, you can set up sub-accounts that are linked to your main account but that have their own login information and restrictions. This is a great way for developers, who have several different clients, to allow their clients access to the account to be able to view things such as the application, so that customers can also send pushes themselves.


Tracking Campaign Performance

Push Notifications For Tracking Campaign PerformanceAs you craft your campaign, set goals and align them with actions and then you can monitor your results. The stats function within your dashboard will allow you to track your campaign's progress to see if you are reaching the scope of what you set out to do, and show you where you need to tweak your campaign in order to boost results.