• Push Notifications For Enterprise

Push Notifications For Enterprise

BulkPush has solutions for your enterprise environment, too.

Dedicated Servers

Push Notifications For Dedicated ServersFor enterprise solutions, we have dedicated servers within our framework that will service only your push requests. This ensures lightning fast delivery of all your push notifications.


Priority Supported

Priority SupportedIf you ever have any issues, your questions, requests, or problems will be handled with utmost care and diligence and you, as an enterprise, will always receive priority handling. When you sign up with us, we will together decide on a time frame for all requests and for time required to find the proper solutions to any unforeseeable problems you may experience. We are obligated to be there for you and this is why we put this stipulation in our initial agreement with you. 


Blazing Fast Delivery Time is Guaranteed

Fast Delivery TimeAlso set in your initial agreement, we stipulate (together with your) the time required to deliver your push notifications. You need not worry if your pushes are delivered or not, as they will be. Fast, and with results. We will even pinpoint the exact time that your users have opened and read your notifications.


We are Serious about Your Service

Service SupportEven though BulkPush allows unlimited push notifications across all account types, there are limitations in regards to how many pushes can be sent per minute and per second so that we can provide the same high level service to all of our account holders. It is understood with an enterprise account that your needs may reflect a much higher load than other accounts, and we take this into consideration and offer much more serious services for Enterprise account holders than any of our other accounts. 


Customized Services Agreement

Customized Services AgreementOur standard services would not be right for those with an enterprise account, therefore BulkPush offers a customized services agreement. This enables you to set, control and maintain some of the main points of concern for your organization.