Send push guide has never been so easy! Our extensive guides for all platforms currently available on the market show how to integrate push notifications within several minutes and with several lines of code. You can choose between native programming tools and a diverse set of cross-platform solutions. We are working hard on extending the list of supported SDKs, plugins and modules, so we advise coming back once in a while to see what's new. If you believe that some great tools should be added here, please let us know, and we will do our best to get them up and running!

Steps to use send push:


1. Login to Bulkpush control panel, click on application you would like to like to send push to.


push notification tutorial


2. All features are separated into different sets of tabs. Initial set of tables contains General, Scheduling, Additional Data and Filters tabs which are applicable to all platforms. Second set of tabs are platform-specific, which allow you to customize your notifications for each platform separately. 


General Tab:


Send Push Guide


Sending multi-language notifications:

This feature is used to create push notification in different languages with one click, which will be delivered depending on device locale settings to talk in their language. The default language in BulkPush is English; if no content for English is specified, Bulkpush chooses the language as a default from those that are set.
For example, if you want to input a message only for English (“en” tab), all other language subscribers will receive the content in English, as it is a default language. If you input the message only for “fr”, the message will be send to all devices, but English and French subscribers will receive a randomly chosen message – intended for “fr”, since “en” is empty.
In order to send language-specific pushes to language-specific devices only, you should apply Language filters to them. Select Edit Languages in general tab and apply filters and save changes.


Scheduling Tab:

Scheduling Tab   is used   to set time frames you want your notifications to be sent. By default, all notifications are set to be “sent now”.
Scheduling can be done in three ways:
1. Send now (default)
2. Send ON: If you would like to send notifications at a particular time or schedule time choose “Send on” and give your time and date scheduling date limit.
3. Send according to user's time zone: Set the toggle to ON, and your users will be notified at the time you set.


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If you send the push according to user’s time zone, and the date & time you specified has already passed in some time zones, the push will be sent to these time zones immediately. All other time zones will receive the push according to their local time.



Additional Data Tab:

1.    URL: this option is used when you want to send a URL along with a push notification. When a user opens this notification, the application will be launched first, and then the URL will be opened in a default browser.

2.    Rich HTML Page: You can send a rich HTML page along with push notification with this option. You can choose one of the rich media pages you have created in the Rich Pages section. These pages are opened in a web view of your application, once a user opens notification. Thus, when a user is done viewing this page, he or she comes back to your application. You can create a page by clicking on create page and give Name, page title and description ad click on save changes.

3.    Custom data: you can pass any additional data in a {“key”:”value”} format, which you may use for deep linking.


push notification guide


Filters Tab:


This Tab is used to send notifications to specific group of devices only. We can apply filter which is created in the filter sections first.  If you do not wish to use a chosen filter, click the “Clear filter” button.

For example, you want to send push to devices with French locale only, you have to create a #Language (fr) filter first, and apply this filter to your push. Thus, the message will be sent only to devices subscribed with the French language.


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push notifications service providers


Badges: If you want to send an IOS badge number with your push. Use +n / -n to increment / decrement the current badge value. To clear the badge from your app’s icon, select 0.

Icon:   Enter the path to the notification icon

Sound: from the main bundle of your application, you can specify the name of a custom sound file.


Use Options how you would like to appear your push notification like Silent, Invisible or Newsstand Notification.



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