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Geozones has never been so easy! Our extensive guides for all platforms currently available on the market show how to integrate push notifications within several minutes and with several lines of code. You can choose between native programming tools and a diverse set of cross-platform solutions. We are working hard on extending the list of supported SDKs, plugins and modules, so we advise coming back once in a while to see what's new. If you believe that some great tools should be added here, please let us know, and we will do our best to get them up and running!

Geozones are pins on the map that allow sending automatically triggered push notifications right at the moment a user enters the specified area on the map. Range of Geozones can be set from 50 to 1000 meters with adjustable cool down period.

Geozones are used for marketing/sales departments of different stores, shops, restaurants and other places to attract of those who pass by. For example, if u set a Geozone at your Starbucks cafe, so that each time a user passes by this coffee place, he or she will receive a notification about special offers on croissants and coffee of the day in your cafe.



Steps for setting up Geozones:


1. Go to your BulkPush Control Panel,

2. Select the application and click on selected application.

location based push notifications


3. From the list shown on left side of page. Click on Geozone to create a     new one.

4. Name your new Geozone, and specify the notification text for it.

- You can select the specific area on the map zone by setting the pin on the map, or using the longitude and latitude boxes below the map.

- You can also set the range in meters (not more than 1000m) and the cool down time (it is the silent period after sending a notification. If there are two featured locations in the neighborhood, you will get one notification for each of them when you pass them by, but you won’t get any on your way back if it will happen during the cool down time).

5. Click on Save Geozones, and that’s it!




Wasn’t that easy?


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