• Push Notifications Marketing Service

Push Notifications Marketing Service

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Push NotificationsBulkPush lets you send unlimited push notifications to over a million users. No limits! Get your information in front of the eyes that need to see it.


Stats in Real Time

Stats in Real TimeStats from BulkPush in real time tell you exactly how many of the users got the push, how many of them were opened, and even how many users uninstalled your application. You will have the ability to see all of that information directly after you send the notification. This is useful when documenting marketing statistics for management, understanding user interaction, and using demographics to change your game if needed.


Sections, Filters, and Tags

Push Notification Sections & TagsEvery push is not designed to reach every user. For this reason, BulkPush is designed to let you decide who will get what push. This is where sections, filters and tags come in. These were created with the idea of simplifiying how to target your push to the devices you wish it to be sent to according to alias, country, or virtually any criteria you desire.


Location-Based Push in Real-Time

Location Based Push NotificationBulkPush also lets you reach your users when it is convenient for them. You can target your pushes to reach a specified target a certain time of day based on their location. One of the best aspects of this is that it is even possible to set your push to be received upon passing a certain location or entering a specific business in order to highlight deals and specials. There is really no limit to the many ways in which you can use BulkPush to your advantage for your marketing program.


Performance Tracking

Push Notification For Performance TrackingWhen you create the push, you can set criteria upon which our system will evaluate the success of your campaign. You can set goals as to the actions that users will take upon reception of the push and monitor your results. You set the scope of the campaign and use the performance tracker to observe your progress. This is quite helpful in making sure that you are reaching the goals that you have set for the campaign and can help you improve the campaign's overall performance.