• Push Notifications For Product Owners

Push Notifications For Product Owners

BulkPush is even great for product owners! With Bulkpush, reach your users right at their fingertips.

Unlimited push notifications

Unlimited push notificationsThere are no limits when it comes to Bulkpush's push notifications. Send as many as you need to. Send as many as you want to. It all depends on your campaign.


Rich Content

Rich ContentRight from your BulkPush control panel you can create push notifications with pictures, or html pages, or any type of content you desire. You can even create an html page from inside your control panel. This is a great way to create an advertisement that allows the end user to purchase the product immediately upon reception of the push if they so desire.


Multiple Languages Supported

Multiple Languages SupportedEnglish is not the language of the entire world, so BulkPush allows you the ability to send push notifications in the language of the end user's device. What is really awesome is that, although you have the need to send in multiple languages, you probably don't speak all of those languages yourself, so you can utilize our easy auto translate function. In the case that you do speak a language other than English, you can also type in the content for that push manually.


Utilize Cross Platforms

Utilize Cross PlatformsEvery platform has a special feature or two, like the ability to send a profile picture or to chat with other users. BulkPush gives you the best of all worlds by allowing you to utilize all the best features from across many platforms. All within BulkPush.


One Editor

One EditorRegardless of the end platform, you can create push notifications for ten different platforms all in the BulkPush Editor. This means that instead of creating a separate notification for each platform, you simply create one message and it is then translated into the other platforms without the need to copy and paste. This not only saves you time but also helps you avoid errors in the process. All of your messages can be monitored from within the same panel.


Remote API

Remote APIIf you aren't familiar with the BulkPush control panel, or if you already have your own backen, you can integrate yours with BulkPush by using the Remote API we offer. It takes just a few minutes to set this up and it will greatly simplify your notification campaign.